Portrait by    Shane Parent

Portrait by Shane Parent

About the Artist

Mando (Amanda Wand) is a Toronto-based visual storyteller that believes in the power of process through creation. As an abstract intuitive painter, she uses art as a way to navigate the many complex emotions of our world with the intention to invite others to process their own emotions through her work.

"The beauty of art for me is in the process. It is my release, my meditation, my therapy. I don't plan my pieces, instead I allow myself to freely express and am guided by my emotions. I am influenced by nature; the magic it holds through colour, light reflection, and the movement of continually letting go.” — Mando

She has a professional background in facilitation and has delivered motivational speeches and workshops on social justice, youth empowerment and art activism to over 50,000 people globally. Mando regularly contributes her art to local social justice causes and charity functions. Throughout 2018 she has been able to support WE Charity, Rainbow Railroad, and Dreaming for Kids Charity. She continually uses her artist platform to support causes she cares about.

Mando believes in the power of art to bring together community and create real change.

If you're interested in workshops, commissions, speaking engagements, or project collaborations please reach out at mando@mandoandtheworld.com



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